FILTERIS is an expert in the field of strategic intelligence. Having to deal with an overabundance of information circulating on the Web and social networks, business nowadays have to tackle an important problem : how to keep up with what is being said about them. A task that should not be left to improvisation!

FILTERIS develops and manages intelligence cells that act as radars, and provides strategic reports in the form of an “intelligence sheet” aimed the content of our research to the clients.

Developing the strategies of e-reputation :

Looking to better position yourself on the Web and social Web, both quantitatively and qualitatively? FILTERIS designs for you personalised strategies that are unique to your situation, by particularly doing the following:

  • constructing and managing Facebook pages;
  • maintaining Twitter, LinkedIn or Viadeo accounts;
  • drafting and broadcasting of Web press release;
  • building professional profiles.
According to your situation, FILTERIS will work alongside you in order to find the best suitable strategy that will fit your needs and budget in order to build and optimize e-reputation!


Social media has completely transformed the marketing dynamics of organizations, who now have to rely on an efficient corporate image that is easily and rapidly accessible in order to optimize and consolidate their visibility and popularity. It is in this perspective that FILTERIS, in partnership with IFX Productions, supervises and designs video clips called WoozZbest Web 2.0 (YouTube and Dailymotion). These clips, which are very quickly found by Google and other search engines, allows you to rapidly increase your visibility on the Web.


Thanks to its exclusive partnership with GOWIZZUS, designer of websites as well as of iPhone and iPad applications based on 3D isometric maps, FILTERIS offers to optimize your global Web visibility by launching original iPhone and iPad applications.

As a result, you will be able to optimally manage information that is transmitted on digital equipment, now used every day by consumers of the Western World.