Since 2002, FILTERIS has developed a range of services in order to analyze their clients’ Web image, and therefore clearly and quickly establish what is being said about them on social networks and the Web in general.

The methods used by FILTERIS lead to the production of comprehensive strategic audits that contribute to better understanding a firm’s e-reputation. Moreover, such methods can also be applied to products, institutions, and even individuals.

The goal of FILTERIS is to allow its clients:
to determine their strengths and weaknesses in regards to their Web image;
to detect potential threats in terms of denigration, vilification or smear campaigns being planned by a third party (opponents, competitors, etc.);
to introduce efficient strategies in order to manage, control and protect their reputation on the Web.
To produce such comprehensive strategic audits, FILTERIS works with its own successful research methodology, combining both information filtering and analysis. Through the use of qualitative and quantitative analysis, the firm has been able to create special indicators aimed at measuring your reputation and your image on the Web.

This creative research method clearly distinguishes FILTERIS’ technical and professional expertise, a business that is entirely managed by high-level researchers.